Meditation and Neurosculpting®

Tamme has been an avid meditator for many many years. She has studied countless modalities with some incredible meditation teachers. She is a certified Neurosculpting Facilitatior. The Neurosculpting® Meditation Modality was created by the amazing Lisa Wimberger. It combines the experience of guided meditation along with the information of Neuroscience and how our brain works. In essence bridging the worlds of Neuroscience and Mindfullness. Check the calendar for classes to experience this first hand or schedule a private session with Tamme.

See What People are Saying

“The class I attended taught by Tamme was better than I ever imagined. Tamme’s explanation of the brain and how we can retrain our thinking and habits was fascinating. As someone who has had difficulty with meditating in the past , I was surprised how I was fully able to “open up” and go into a meditative state. I left Tamme’s class feeling refreshed, hopeful and recharged to tackle my personal changes in an effective , calm way.
I would highly recommend Tamme and the nuerosculpting institute!”
Nicole Formenti