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What does Munay mean?

Munay is the Quechan word that means ‘love’

Quechan is a native language of Peru.  Tamme went on a sacred journey to Peru in 2012 that has had a profound ripple effect on her. Throughout her journey, the Shaman Jorge Louis Delgado who guided her, spoke of 3 things… Munay, Llancha, Lachay.  ‘Love’ ‘Service’ and ‘Wisdom’
He weaved these concepts into every ceremony, every offering, every act and thought.

“We all come from an endless spring of love, service, and wisdom. We can make our lives extraordinary by putting love, service, and wisdom in everything we do. When we use only our mind, we sometimes see life as ordinary. And everything we do becomes a little hard.
But when we put our love, service, and wisdom into what we do, it becomes joyful.

We open our creativity and connect to the Mother. This expands our consciousness into abundance and prosperity.”

 “As you practice love, the cosmos send a messenger in the form of a hummingbird that flies above your head to gather your nectar. That’s the image of the legend—that as you open your petals, you become a beautiful flower sharing nectar from your heart, your inner sun. We are all children of the sun. And our inner sun is the child within that was never wounded. So whatever we experience, that part remains unscathed. But when we come into this reality, we encounter some heavy energies. The Mother Earth is always ready to help us transform them. Crystals and precious stones are part of this process. We are not children of casualty. We are children of love who have the same attributes as the Father Sun and Mother Earth.

And in this new day, we are awakening.”

~excerpts from an interview with Jorge Louis Delgado

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I can work with any stone or energy and infuse with a personal Mantra for what you are desiring to bring into fruition.

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I will work with the unique energies of your Birth Chart to create a personalized Mala.
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See What People are Saying

“Highly passionate and extremely knowledgable, Tamme is a brilliant practitioner of Vedic Astrology. Not only does she take the time to thoroughly do the research on your individual chart before your reading, she is a great listener and well-versed in both the historical aspects of Vedic Astrology as well as the differences between Western Astrology and Vedic. I came in knowing a lot about my Western chart and very little about my Vedic chart. I gained a thorough understanding of my Vedic chart and I left the reading feeling ecstatic about my path and life, and even my career! My Vedic chart resonated deeply and felt much more uniquely oriented to me than the more general associations derived from Western Astrology. Tamme is the most passionate practitioner I have ever met on the subject of Vedic Astrology! Highly recommend this wonderful woman and natural healer!! “
My Mala is absolutely beautiful, the beads chosen for it and the care putting into making it– so much good karma and love. Pachamama malas are truly the most gorgeous Malas I have ever seen and are crafted with so much love and creativity! I have purchased 3 malas from her and two have been custom re-stringing/ modifying orders and one was an original- all are gorgeous and I get so many compliments!!!”
“The class I attended taught by Tamme was better than I ever imagined. Tamme’s explanation of the brain and how we can retrain our thinking and habits was fascinating. As someone who has had difficulty with meditating in the past , I was surprised how I was fully able to “open up” and go into a meditative state. I left Tamme’s class feeling refreshed, hopeful and recharged to tackle my personal changes in an effective , calm way.
I would highly recommend Tamme and the nuerosculpting institute!”
Nicole Formenti
“I ordered a Pachamama mala for my mom a couple of years ago as a birthday gift for her. I don’t live near my mom but each time I see her she is wearing her gorgeous handcrafted mala. Every time I see her wearing it I compliment her on how amazing it is. She said that when she wears it she can feel the beautiful energy that it holds and it is always a comfort to her.
Thank you for your high quality works of beauty.”
Shannon Mooheeka
“I’m very careful who I recommend to my clients and I have no hesitation talking about Tamme’s creative gifts and her spot on astrology readings. She has integrity, a warm inviting compassionate personality and expert knowledge of your chart. I loved working with her!”
Elizabeth Walker - Relationship Strategist / International Teacher, Light Walker Wellness