Infused with Reiki Energy and Mantra, this handcrafted Sacred Mala was created using Diopside & Seeds.

Diopside opens the higher intuition and higher mental body level. It aids in the ability to honor your intuition and follow its directions. Sometimes this is called the stone of service, Diopside increased compassion, opening your heart to the suffering of others and encouraging you to be of service to the planet through a profound sense of connection with the earth.

Bodhi in sanskrit translates to “enlightened” or “awakenened,” therefore the Bodhi Seed means “enlightened seed.” Bodhi is also a term in Buddhism to reflect a Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of things.

Rudraksha Seeds are said to possess mystical and divine properties. Jewelry made with Rudraksha seeds are considered auspicious as well as powerful and have profound astrological and health benefits.

Handcrafted in Colorado. Custom orders available! I can work with any stone/energy and infuse with a personal Mantra for what you are desiring to bring to fruition. I can also create something aligned with your unique Astrological Jyotish chart as well! Email Tamme at or call 303.335.5470.